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Who We Are

As the saying goes “Every life matters”, and “ There is no greater wealth in this world than good health”, Life of each and every individual is an asset for their family and to the country. People rush towards doctors to save the life of their dear ones in case of any health issues. Rapid development in medical robotics is a great relive to both the patients and the Doctors. However statistical record says that 1 in every 112,000 surgical procedures leads to an error which may even lead to life threatening consequences. In light of such a serious impediment in Health sector, ImRobonix was established by Mr. Iyyappan and other co-founders on 2021 to revolutionize Medical Robotics and embrace the healthcare world in a more sustainable way by inventing cost efficient and high precision medical Robots.

Spark for the Innovation

Dr. Palani, a famous surgeon from Tamil Nadu, India drew to our attention a real-world problem that served as the fuel to our innovation. He learned that the current minimally invasive surgical device, both manual and Robotic system ,is rather difficult to use and operate. He presented all the practical difficulties to the company's founder, Mr. Iyyappan. After the rigorous analysis and detailed discussion with the experts, Mr. Iyyappan along with his team was able to create and produce a multipurpose, high-precision, bio-medical device. A team constituting people across the Globe were handpicked to address the aforementioned problem after assessing the technical difficulties in a manually controllable MIS tool and high cost robotic systems. Our product aims to be the first robotic surgical tool controlled by the thumb that has characteristics similar to the human hand.

Our Researchers

Electrical research

Continuous learning is the minimal requirement for success in any field. Continuous try of a primitive common man ignited fire , which had paved way to the most sophisticated and technology lead life today. Electrical and electronic inventions are on ever chasing and never ending race bringing in new innovation to make impossible the possible. The modern Era is now moving towards the artificial intelligence to make life as a fantasy as a dream for the present day generation. Our team with an attempt to ease the efforts of doctors and patient in case of a sophisticated surgery innovated Surgi-Kot. The innovation of the Surgi-kot focuses on converting unrestricted hand gestures into sophisticated laparoscopic, surgical manoeuvers. The electrical crew of Imrobonix played a major role in directing the output of the project. We, the young minds were more studious on building the product to a great success via a proper road map.

Medical research

Our product Surgi-Kot is one among the surgical robots discovered in the era of robotic inventions, in which the entire control system for the robot is thumb based. Our team has worked under this project for months together to yield a better result which is extremely less prone to errors. The fundamental target of surgi-kot is to reduce the difficulty of surgeons and increase the efficiency to reduce human loss post surgery. The surgi-kot is controlled via thumb similar to the working principle of joystick control, which enables high precision with high flexibility gripper for a more fruitful and successful outcome. We are proud to prescribe that our Surgi-kot is the World’s first thumb controlled robotic surgical device that converts unrestricted hand gesture into sophisticated laparoscopy manoeuvres.

Mechanical research

Whole world stops if we stop moving. Movement plays a salient role in everybody’s life. Our team has worked under the project Cheri-bot which focuses on the robotic arm, highly focusing on the replica of human hand and behaviour. Our team has worked under this project months together to yield the best outcome. Our project focuses on helping people who are physically challenged with respect to arm and hand. Our primary aim is to make them feel absolutely normal in par with anybody else around by providing them with the robotic arm which is as similar as the human replication.


IMROBONIX is a faster growing startup company due to the presence of the brain storming employees and young working professionals. Their goal is to provide everyone with robotic surgery with minimally invasive tools at affordable cost. In spite of many hardships been tracked in their startup business through every thick and thin, they never gave up the spirit which made them what they are right now.



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