Evolution of SURGI-KOT

Surgi-kot - India’s First High Precision robotic Hand- held medical device

Dr. Palani, a famous surgeon from Tamil Nadu, India drew to our attention a real-world problem that served as the fuel to our innovation. He learned that the current minimally invasive surgical device, both manual and Robotic system ,is rather difficult to use and operate. He presented all the practical difficulties to the company's founder, Mr. Iyyappan.

After the rigorous analysis and detailed discussion with the experts, Mr. Iyyappan along with his team was able to create and produce a multipurpose, high-precision, bio-medical device. A team constituting people across the Globe were handpicked to address the aforementioned problem after assessing the technical difficulties in a manually controllable MIS tool and high cost robotic systems. Our product aims to be the first robotic surgical tool controlled by the thumb that has characteristics similar to the human hand.


High precision

Joystick control

Minimising Human Hand

Smart surgery Procedure

Gripper position Locking System

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Best Works of SURGI-KOT

Mimicking Human Hand

Has pneumatic gestures that allow gripping and manipulation of objects to intimate human hand.

High precision

This Instrument has 0.80 mm degree of accuracy with the ease of functionality for the doctors

Smart surgery procedure

Robots are used in surgeries in a novel way which is popularly known as “Smart Surgery”.

High flexibility gripper

When Compared to humans Surgi-kot’s gripping ability is highly flexible.

Impacts of Surgi-kot


  • High precision smart medical robotic device.
  • Potential to provide employment.
  • World class surgery at very low cost – Medical tourism.


  • Increased precision and health security for all.
  • Surgi-kot brings advanced surgeries to the last mile .
  • Life saving surgeries done at affordable cost..


  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Multifunctional - same device for different end effects.
  • Life saving surgeries done at affordable cost..